LK Leasing provides access to financing industrial programmes on the leasing basis, reducing the borrowing costs and prolonging the borrowing terms as compared to alternative leasing forms, optimising acquisition of fixed assets of manufacture.


LK Leasing (Open Joint-Stock Company) is a multiprofile company serving industrial projects in the territory of Russian Federation, providing access to highly technological equipment for clients with dynamically developing business.

with respect to the clients

with respect to the state
- timely payment of taxes to the state

with respect to the shareholders
- creation of successfully developing company and timely payments of dividends to the shareholders

with respect to the employees
- job provision and timely payments of salaries

Our main value is partnership with manufacturers and lessees.

Winner of Russian Financial Elite Award (2006)
in nomination High Leasing Dynamics for Oil and
Gas Equipment

Winner of Russian Financial Elite Award (2006)
in nomination For Active Promotion of Leasing Services
and Unique Development Strategy
Taxpayer of Year 2006
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